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12648Re: Pallavi's question/shape the hell up

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  • Gene Poole
    Feb 2, 2004
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      >freyjartist@a... wrote: (attribution manually added by author)

      Gene Had written:

      > <<It appears to me that this powerpoint file was
      > NOT created by a 12YO girl, although one may
      > have been involved in its production.
      > I agree with Nina and Bruce's assessment; and
      > although some discussion has been forthcoming,
      > my suggestion is that yes, the thing is definitely
      > manipulative and yes, it does assume that there is
      > already a context within the 'reader' which will be
      > prompted to react in a certain predictable way, as
      > has Jason.
      > Babies? Puppies? Kittens?
      > Dead babies? Where are the
      > dead puppies and dead kittens?
      > And Freyja, are you drunk, or what?>>

      Freya responded:

      > Drunk? Why? because
      > you're not agreeing with
      > my assessment?

      You call that an 'assessment'?

      > Which does
      > not obviously align with Nina and Bruce's?
      > Not drunk, just getting radical here
      > today.

      A well-known behaviour of the intoxicated.

      > The thing is manipulative
      > IF you see it that way,
      > that's all, but it doesn't
      > mean it absolutely is.

      'Absolutely' was not an attribute
      assigned by me!

      (straw-man argument fails)

      > The other thing
      > is, it depends who is viewing
      > the thing, who it is being shown to,
      > what are the qualities of
      > the demographic sample.

      Well, duh!

      (appeal to popularity argument fails)

      > People on this list may have differing
      > reactions, but in the spirit of self-inquiry,
      > which I am sure is occuring in many of the
      > members,
      > there is no need to dismiss this piece
      > out of hand as "manipulative".

      'Dismiss'? I did not 'dismiss' it at all!

      Your 'assessment' is still requested!

      So far, you have 'assessed' only the
      other 'assessors'.

      > <<Good grief!
      > Oh yeah? so what does Lucy
      > say to Charlie Brown when
      > he says "Good Grief?"
      > "You're such a bonehead, Charlie Brown!"
      > ~~freyja

      Projections noted!

      ==Gene Poole==
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