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12645Re: Pallavi's question/shape the hell up

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Feb 2, 2004
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      <<It appears to me that this powerpoint file was
      NOT created by a 12YO girl, although one may
      have been involved in its production.

      I agree with Nina and Bruce's assessment; and
      although some discussion has been forthcoming,
      my suggestion is that yes, the thing is definitely
      manipulative and yes, it does assume that there is
      already a context within the 'reader' which will be
      prompted to react in a certain predictable way, as
      has Jason.

      Babies? Puppies? Kittens?

      Dead babies? Where are the
      dead puppies and dead kittens?

      And Freyja, are you drunk, or what?>>

      Drunk?   Why? because
      you're not agreeing with
      my assessment?  Which does
      not obviously align with Nina and Bruce's?
      Not drunk, just getting radical here

      The thing is manipulative
      IF you see it that way,
      that's all, but it doesn't
      mean it absolutely is.  The other thing
      is, it depends who is viewing
      the thing, who it is being shown to,
      what are the qualities of
      the demographic sample.

      People on this list may have differing
      reactions, but in the spirit of self-inquiry,
      which I am sure is occuring in many of the
      there is no need to dismiss this piece
      out of hand as "manipulative".

      <<Good grief!

      Oh yeah? so what does Lucy
      say to Charlie Brown when
      he says "Good Grief?"

      "You're such a bonehead, Charlie Brown!"


      ==Gene Poole==

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