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12644Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Pallavi's question

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Feb 2 11:51 AM
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      freyjartist@... wrote:
      <<I personally don't see this
      girl as "bewildered" at all.
      Like most bright, computer-
      equipped kids of her years,
      she's far too savvy to not
      be aware of the age-old
      haves vs. have-nots
      dichotomy that has
      characterized human history
      from the recorded gitgo.

      Sandeep is also very canny
      -- he's presenting this as
      a guilt trip to ellicit
      sympathy from materially
      comfortable middle-class
      folks who, by dint of
      cultural and/or hormonal
      conditioning, are attracted
      to little children.  There
      is a big difference between
      sentiment and true compassion,
      which isn't in the least bit
      sentimental and is never the
      result of deft emotional

      Oh Bruce....does there always have
      to be an agenda behind everything?
      I know and love Sandeepji far
      to long and too well to see
      it any other way, Freyja.

      Cannot any kind of 'world in opposites'
      situation simply be taken as another
      opportunity to see what arises, to
      question our own deeply embedded, deeply
      invested in beliefs?
      Sure.  Do you know anyone who
      harbors a belief that children
      should be starved, maimed,
      exploited, or otherwise

      If guilt arises, it does.
      Look into that.
      By all means!

      If the impulse to curse Dubya Bush
      arises, look into that.
      Ah, an impulse that I'm quite
      familiar with myself!

      If the impulse arises to look at
      what one is doing in their own life,
      look into that.

      What could be so bad?
      Nothing is bad, but presenting
      the carefully crafted work of
      an obviously savvy young
      adolescent as arising from a
      "perplexed" mindset is quite
      clearly manipulative and

      Everything in life has an opposite.

      My point exactly, that is the
      nature of incarnate existence!
      Some children prosper and
      play, others sicken and die. 
      These are opposites that have
      been with us since long before
      Abraham, opposites that anyone
      with a modicum of perceptual
      clarity is quite well aware of. 
      Wine, old, bottle, novel but
      contrived.            :-)

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