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12603Re: Localization - starfish

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  • Nina
    Jan 30, 2004
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      The levitation visualization Greg mentioned as a means
      to understand what you are getting at as regards movement
      is really great. Playing around with it, a couple of
      'interpretations' emerge...

      The first is that a sense of 'center' emerges. It is this
      center that is the origin of movement, which radiates
      outwards (through the limbs, for instance), and interacts
      with the environs.

      The second is that a sense of 'bodies in space' emerges -
      a sense of 'body standing on the floor' diminishes,
      and a sense of 'body touching/pushing floor' comes forth.

      'Trapped within a world' moves down on the perceptual scale,
      while 'world to world interaction' moves up on the perceptual

      Think of it this way:

      When one spins a world globe by walking the fore and middle-
      fingers across the surface, one perceives that one is remaining
      stationary, and the globe is 'being moved'. However, if one
      reduces oneself to the scale of a dustmote and then walks across
      the surface of the globe, one is more likely to perceive that
      one is moving and that the globe is remaining still.

      Percpetion of movement seems to be, in part, a matter of scalar
      relationship. If I am immersed within something, I am less likely
      to sense that it is moving relative to my movements.

      The genius of the levitation meditation is that it reveals
      a story of 'bumper cars in space', many-dimensional free-floating
      'bodies', making contact, churning like gears amongst one another.

      It is great fun to play around with asana and other movement forms
      in this respect. One's relationship to gravity, quality of
      extension and form-taking fundamentally change. You are a
      starfish adrift in the sea!

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