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  • Nina
    Jan 30, 2004
      "I asked him about his experience with virtual reality. I asked how
      the virtual space feels to the body? How the body knew it was (t)
      here? He told me electric touch plays a significant role in opening
      to virtuality; in fact, it plays a most dominant part in establishing
      presence in VR's electric poetic space. Bricken said, "Virtual
      reality is never without touch since a person is always feeling the
      floor, the force of gravity ... The question is not VR without touch,
      it is VR without consistency, without integrating the touches being
      experienced with the VR being experienced. Without integration, touch
      degrades presence. With integration, touch is the most dominant form
      of presence ... so the moral is haptics is the royal road to
      credibility, to presence in VR. In a sound-bite: Our bodies are the

      "The whole system is nothing less than the brain, the body, and the
      environment in interaction. What is 'without' is 'within.' Thought,
      feelings, mind are ordered through a process of whole interaction
      between the electric environment and the organism. Mental phenomena,
      and any psychic transformation, can only be fully understood within
      this context."