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12601Re: Localization - dualist in space - endless musings

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  • Nina
    Jan 30, 2004
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      Hey, I'll top that! (I'm bummed that top posting
      has become unpopular, as it seems to make a lot of
      sense - like filing your telephone bills new on
      top of old.)

      Bob, you mention your extrapolation about how being centered/
      having developed a "higher body"/having control over and/or
      being in touch with your moving center, and other similar things,
      could lead to being able to do what most would think can't be done.
      You've no doubt heard the tales of levitating yogis, which is an
      interesting happening (real or no) to compare to the diamagnetically
      suspended objects, including the hamster. Who is doing something -
      the hamster or the yogi? From the outside (just assume there exists
      one for a moment, Greg ;) ), it would seem that the yogi is
      doing something and the hamster nothing - but they seem to be
      having the same experience. But are they having the same
      experience? Are their sensations 'not sinking' in the same way?
      Who has more self-determination?

      At the end of Matrix reloaded, there is a scene where Neo
      declares 'something has changed - I can feel them', and he
      is able to turn and hold off the attacking monster robots
      with his 'will'. Afterwards, however, he collapses. This,
      to me, is an analogy for the 'seasickness' that arises when
      one first begins to venture into new areas of spatial
      understanding. As long as the mind experiences the least
      amount of resistance (deep down), to the new mode of operation,
      there is this nauseating backlash. Is this the nausea that
      comes from the dynamic of imagination vs. logic? Thoughts,
      creating nausea - not necessarily a change in 'the world'.
      Thinking of it this way, the suspended hamster might experience
      nausea, whereas the levitating yogi, who has transformed
      imagination into mind, may not. 'Self-determination' may be
      the foil to nausea.


      P.S. Greg, regarding teaching 'the body as a collection of
      sensations', have you ever read the book 'Aligned, Relaxed,
      Resilient: The Physical Foundations of Mindfulness'? Will
      Johnson, the author, offers several meditations on that very
      area. I found them to be well-done and effective.
      P.P.S. Yes, I know I have deleted both of your posts from
      this message and so am not really top-posting at all.
      However, at least for a few minutes, I will be top-posted
      over you both in the message records on the Home page. ;)
      Top-posting is the way of the universe!
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