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126Problem with ego.

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  • newtomed
    Jan 21, 2002
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      Hi, I am new to meditating and I am having great
      difficulty letting go when something or someone annoys me.I
      always feel as If I want to bite back, with some comment
      that I know will only give me satisfaction in the
      moment.<br><br>Any suggestions to get me through this would be
      gratefully appreciated.<br><br>Also, I have got a real ego
      problem where I am so 'two-faced'. I know I have this
      horrible problem, but I can't seem to stop myself saying
      something before it comes out of my mouth. <br><br>I
      realise that I only do this because my ego believes that
      it will 'further' me, but deep inside I know this is
      not the case, (and from past experiences this isn't
      the case, I just come out looking really bad and
      horrible) I just want to stop it, as I am forever in
      trouble with workmates, and to get out of situations I
      have to keep changing my job.<br><br>When I am away
      from this environment I can be the most loving,
      selfless and giving person, as noted by others.<br><br>Any
      suggestions?<br><br>Thanks for your time.
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