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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 18, 2004
      When you are at the top of a mountain and it seems that you can see
      for hundreds of miles, it's seeming vastness is less than a drop in
      the ocean of bliss and love that is reality. When you look up at the
      night sky and see stars and galaxies that seem to go on and on for
      ever, they are just as insignificant as a dot over an i in a
      dictionary of all the words of every language that there ever was or
      will be, next to what is. When you meditate and see, hear, taste,
      smell, and feel visions that seem unlimited by time or space, they are
      no more than a grain of sand on the beach of awareness. The comparable
      is incomparable to the incomparable from which all the comparable is
      created, sustained, evolved and dissolved. And yet my mind thinks "i"
      begin and end and have some importance and a story line worth
      following. But between all the thoughts, truth is ever present and
      available and "I AM".

      Kir Li Molari