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  • tosime
    Jan 2, 2004
      Hi Jody,

      Thanks for responding so well to so many replies to your comfort quest!

      I am not sure I understand some of the more philosophical remarks, so I
      might be repeating some of them here.

      We are an inseparable part of a greater universe which is a sort of
      closed system since nothing can be created or destroyed. Anything we do,
      like seeking comfort, is only a small part of a greater movement within
      the larger system. All we can really say is that our seeking comfort is
      part of a universal movement towards some "end" state.

      The usefulness of the comfort idea, I feel, should relate to the bigger
      picture since that is where we are going one way or another. In short, I
      don't see comfort as an end in itself, since it does not lead to the
      "end" state of the universe. What we can do is relate it to some greater
      universal truth which it points to.

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