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12454Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: Comfort thingy

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jan 2, 2004
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      Doug wrote:
      From: "jodyrrr" <jodyrrr@...>
      The human physical organism, and all life in general, is 
      motivated to find comfort/security. All behavior is motivated by this 
      need/drive, to find, maintain, and optimize comfort and/or the idea of 
      Hello eveyone.
      The premise of this universal drive for comfort implies an equally
      universal experience of discomfort which creates, energizes the movement
      of that drive, does it not? If we were already fully comfortable there
      would be no motive force to support a behavioural drive towards comfort. 
      - Doug.
      One of the interesting aspects
      of the human psyche is that it
      appears quite capable of
      *never* feeling sufficiently
      comfortable, and often finds
      rather bizarre ways of keeping
      the comfort carrot just barely
      out of reach, apparently just
      to keep the striving game (for
      which it is so superbly suited
      by virtue of evolutionary and
      social conditioning) going.

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