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12442Re: [Meditation Society of America] Comfort Thingy

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  • sandeep
    Jan 1, 2004
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      From: "tosime" <tosime@...>
      Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 04:18 AM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Comfort Thingy

      > Hello Sandeep,
      > Thanks for
      asking for the summary - that's exactly what I also needed.
      > And
      thanks Jody for the summary.
      > My humble view is that the
      comfort/security perspective is simply a
      > temporary manifestation of a
      greater universal movement. As we achieve
      > higher levels of
      comfort/security we find ourselves freer to learn new
      > truths about the
      world - this seeking of higher truths appears a more
      > fundamental
      movement, like evolution.
      The belief that  one has achieved "higher" levels of comfort/security, ......the belief that there are "newer" truths to be discovered, the belief that there is a discrete self to discover these "newer" and "higher" truths,.....
      .....all nuances of that one movement, in the moment.
      And not just ideations,.............but even the apparently substantive solid Universe and the elements that constitue the Universe,....
      nuances of different vibrational modes of that one movement.
      Some time back,.....a prattling........

      Notice, how different vibrating movements, throw up appearances of different wave-forms.

      There is no existential reality to the "wave-form", just the vibrating points on your PC screen.

      Now this depiction are various movements in the 2 dimensions of your PC screen.

      Imagine, infinite dimensions, and thus infinite modes of vibrating patterns,........throwing up Universes and elements making up Universes.

      It is thus pointed,...

      ... vibrating energy patterns,..

      ...a particular pattern, throws up, a fornicating cat on a tin-roof, ....another a meditating saint, while yet another, a regular Jane-in-an-organization,........ 

      ... a struggling ant, an exploding super-nova,..... the expanse of a Milky Way,......... a Lotus flower in a dirt pond.

      The Giant Stars, .......... a blade of  grass.

      Each and every manifest object with their varying characteristics, attributes, qualities, .........this entire phenomenality of which this Universe is one mere bubble.....

      ....."objective expressions" of Energy-in-movement.

      Just like the above wave-forms, are the particular objective expression of a particular mode of movement.


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