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12432Re: [Meditation Society of America] Comfort Thingy

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Jan 1, 2004
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      tosime wrote:
      Hello Sandeep,
      Thanks for asking for the summary - that's exactly what I also needed.
      And thanks Jody for the summary.
      My humble view is that the comfort/security perspective is simply a
      temporary manifestation of a greater universal movement. As we achieve
      higher levels of comfort/security we find ourselves freer to learn new
      truths about the world - this seeking of higher truths appears a more
      fundamental movement, like evolution.
      Perhaps, but it behooves us 
      to look at all seeking in 
      the light of the (imo) 
      prevalant drive for comfort 
      in one form or another.  Is 
      not the yearning for "higher 
      truths" more of the same, 
      albeit all decked out in 
      "spiritual" raiment?  It's 
      as if we are at long last 
      insisting on nothing less 
      than the penultimate 
      comfort, the universal meta-
      comfort that obviates the 
      need for all the mundane 
      (material, emotional, 
      social, etc.) comforts, the 
      comfort that renders us 
      invulnerable to all 
      discomfort and transforms 
      us into beings of 
      unflappable serenity!
      May I thank all members here for such a wonderful year of sharing
      knowledge and experiences.
      You're more than welcome,
      Tony -- Happy New Year!

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