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12419phootball filosofy Re: Pragmatic Presupposition

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  • Nina
    Dec 29, 2003
      > snip
      > And I find charisma repugnant.
      > > >
      > > > Love
      > > > Bobby G.

      > > What does charisma have to do with this
      > > discussion, and why would it be so
      > > repugnant?
      > >
      > > Nina

      > Hi Nina,
      > Did you ever see Neon Deon Sanders play football? Boy did
      > he make others uncomfortable! His charisma was undeniable,
      > as was his talent, but he was probably more repugnant than any
      > other other person ever to play football. So, a semi-interesting
      > conclusion could be made about how charisma and skill are not
      > necessarily survival skills. As a matter of probable fact, in his
      > case, he was the player other teams wanted to hurt the most.
      > Peace and blessings,
      > Bob

      Hmm, I don't know much about football, though I can
      recognize the shape of a footballball (hehe).

      Anyway, it seems that a different view may be taken:

      That the only thing that counts, as regards Neon Deon
      Sanders and his manifestation of 'survival skills' on
      the football field, is that NDS (ohmygod - this must
      be a sign!) use his considerable repulsion, talent and
      skill to bring glory, and thus comfort and survival,
      to his own team.

      It doesn't matter one ounce that the other team finds
      him repulsive, or that fans find him repulsive,
      or that the other teams might want to hurt him -
      what matters is 'what is happening':

      "Are we winning?"

      Football, and other sports, are actually a bit more
      frank about this underlying motivation than other


      P.S. Yea, it didn't go over my head that NDS was
      spoken about in past-tense; I chose to bring
      the example into the present-tense.
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