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12406Re: Pragmatic Presupposition

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  • texasbg2000
    Dec 27, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Nina"
      <murrkis@y...> wrote:
      > > Jody, this entire post has nothing
      > > but your own presumption of being
      > > right and therefore anyone who has
      > > another opinion must not
      > > understand what you are saying.
      > >
      > > I am good with that. It is just you.
      > > I just wanted to make my own
      > > points about the issue.
      > >
      > > Love
      > > Bobby G.
      > Yep, that's all anybody wants to do -
      > make their own points about the issue.
      > Somehow, it is highly uncomfortable (tee,hee)
      > to not have the final word.
      > Anyway, it will be interesting to see how
      > long this conversation, such as it is, might
      > go on...
      > I have a funny story to share with you all...
      > Every now and then, I receive an invitation
      > from one website or another to take an IQ test.
      > I'm a real sucker for IQ tests, in the way some
      > people are sucker for 'romance tests'. It isn't
      > so much that I want to see what number represents
      > my IQ, though that is interesting, or that I want
      > to see what words represent my particular talent
      > areas, even though those phrases are fun to see,
      > it is more the whole dynamic of using certain,
      > specific questions to determine one's magnitude
      > and aptitude of 'brilliance'. Lol!
      > You ask a certain questions, you get certain
      > answers, and then you wind up with a certain
      > picture of 'what is happening'.
      > Most presuppositions are pretty pragmatic,
      > don't you think?

      There is also something called semantic presupposition which
      is a relation between sentences or statement, related to but distinct
      from entailmnt and assertion. Such as, "The present king of France
      is bald" does not entail there is a present king of France but
      presupposes it. But that type is not what I was griping about.
      Pragmatic supposition is what a speaker takes to be understood in
      making an assertion. Since I do not take it to be understood then it
      holds no sway to me.

      > It's a way of getting a firm footing
      > so you can hold the camera still to get a
      > good shot of the scene you're framing.
      > Though I'm tempted, :), I won't go into
      > how getting a firm footing sure does enhance
      > one's feeling of comfort.
      > Bobby G., I don't really see how your
      > view of things is that different from
      > mine, or Bruce's, or Jody's... I have
      > noticed, however, that you seem to be
      > avoiding use of the word comfort. Is that
      > a trance word for you, or something?

      If you notice it then I will look for it.
      I am not prone to trances though. And I find charisma repugnant.

      Bobby G.
      > Nina
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