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12404Re: Pragmatic Presupposition

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  • Nina
    Dec 27, 2003
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      > Jody, this entire post has nothing
      > but your own presumption of being
      > right and therefore anyone who has
      > another opinion must not
      > understand what you are saying.
      > I am good with that. It is just you.
      > I just wanted to make my own
      > points about the issue.
      > Love
      > Bobby G.

      Yep, that's all anybody wants to do -
      make their own points about the issue.
      Somehow, it is highly uncomfortable (tee,hee)
      to not have the final word.

      Anyway, it will be interesting to see how
      long this conversation, such as it is, might
      go on...

      I have a funny story to share with you all...

      Every now and then, I receive an invitation
      from one website or another to take an IQ test.
      I'm a real sucker for IQ tests, in the way some
      people are sucker for 'romance tests'. It isn't
      so much that I want to see what number represents
      my IQ, though that is interesting, or that I want
      to see what words represent my particular talent
      areas, even though those phrases are fun to see,
      it is more the whole dynamic of using certain,
      specific questions to determine one's magnitude
      and aptitude of 'brilliance'. Lol!

      You ask a certain questions, you get certain
      answers, and then you wind up with a certain
      picture of 'what is happening'.

      Most presuppositions are pretty pragmatic,
      don't you think?

      It's a way of getting a firm footing
      so you can hold the camera still to get a
      good shot of the scene you're framing.

      Though I'm tempted, :), I won't go into
      how getting a firm footing sure does enhance
      one's feeling of comfort.

      Bobby G., I don't really see how your
      view of things is that different from
      mine, or Bruce's, or Jody's... I have
      noticed, however, that you seem to be
      avoiding use of the word comfort. Is that
      a trance word for you, or something?

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