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12396Re: Pragmatic Presupposition

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  • Nina
    Dec 27, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "texasbg2000"
      <Bigbobgraham@a...> wrote:

      > What I don't like about this idea is that it is purely mechanical
      > in its description of motivation. The progress of evolution
      > in an heirarchial sense is not allowed for.
      > That is, a direction for evolution is not included in this
      > description.

      See a slight reworking of the presentation of the gunas, below...

      > Since I do not know what direction to take to achieve evolution out
      > of misconception then I can not do anything with comfort as the
      > motive hoping to achieve said evolution.

      'Evolution', as you have described it above is an intellectual
      concept. 'Evolution', as it happens, is a universal 'law'... it
      is not within the domain of intellect.

      > That is, comfort can be said to be the motivator only after the
      > fact and not before.

      Perhaps, it is important to note that the unconscious mind
      is motivated entirely by comfort... it is the conscious mind
      that is able to recognize the manifestations 'after the fact'.

      > I like the idea of spirit pulling the willing and leaving behind
      > the unwilling.
      > The Gunas in this context:
      > tamas-pleasure (comfort)
      ****inertia, comfort in 'remaining the same'
      > rajas-power
      ****striving, comfort in movement, also, as regards
      power, comfort in apparent control over
      > sattva-meaning
      ****comfort in finding significance to a life that
      has no significance, other than 'being alive'

      > Leave behind comfort and through power (control of the vrittis)
      > meaning will vanquish suffering.

      Hmm, and then what do you have? The ultimate comfort...

      Are we going in circles? ;)

      > Love,
      > Bobby G.

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