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12395Pragmatic Presupposition

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  • texasbg2000
    Dec 27, 2003

      There has been lots of good stuff on this topic but I had an opinion
      I wanted to make clear. So here it is.

      "The search for power is the search for comfort".

      The statement presupposes comfort is the motivator for the search for
      power. It offers no reasons or factual data.

      Pragmatic presupposition does not assign truth or falsity to an
      assertion. If it is false something about it will be inappopriate.

      What I don't like about this idea is that it is purely mechanical in
      its description of motivation. The progress of evolution in an
      heirarchial sense is not allowed for.
      That is, a direction for evolution is not included in this

      I believe there is misconception and contradiction in our culture
      that will be eradicated by evolution.

      Since I do not know what direction to take to achieve evolution out
      of misconception then I can not do anything with comfort as the
      motive hoping to achieve said evolution.

      That is, comfort can be said to be the motivator only after the fact
      and not before.

      I like the idea of spirit pulling the willing and leaving behind the

      The Gunas in this context:
      tamas-pleasure (comfort)

      Leave behind comfort and through power (control of the vrittis)
      meaning will vanquish suffering.

      Bobby G.
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