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12385Re: [Meditation Society of America] Re: innate drive towards wholeness

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  • Bruce Morgen
    Dec 26, 2003
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      freyjartist@... wrote:

      Bruce wrote:

      <<Hmm -- try this one on: survival
      instinct is evidence that beings
      are not comfortable with the
      prospect of dying.  Humans
      overcome this quite handily --
      when they see themselves as
      having no prospect of comfort,
      they become quite careless
      regarding survival or even
      outright suicidal.  Iow, for
      humans (at least, hard to know
      about other species), the drive
      for comfort can and often does
      trump survival instinct.>>

      I was thinking about that.
      Life becomes SO un-comfortable
      for some that the search for comfort
      even overrides the will to continue to live
      in the current existence.

      I still see 'comfort' and 'surviving better'
      as basically the same thing....

      because, even in the case of suicide,
      the driving thought would probably be,
      "I'll be better off without this pain."

      Once "better" is involved it's
      no longer "survival" instinct --
      it's the drive for comfort!  :-)
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