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12338Nasrudin the Samurai

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Dec 23, 2003
      Once Nasrudin happened to go to Japan and there soon found himself in
      the company of a Samurai master who claimed he was the best swordsman
      in the world. Well, that was all Nasrudin had to hear, and he soon was
      boasting of his own prowess as a swordsman. As fate would have it, a
      fly flew in through the open window, and seizing the opportunity, the
      Samurai master grabbed his sword, and with two quick slices, neatly
      quartered the fly in mid-air.
      "You can now see why I am the better swordsman, can you not?"
      "That was indeed a remarkable display of skill," replied Nasrudin,
      "but I can do better!"
      Again, as fate would have it, another fly came in through the open
      window. Nasrudin took a sword and made one slash at the fly, which
      continued on its way.
      "Aha, the fly lives!" cried the Samurai.
      "Yes, this is so." said Nasrudin, "However, that fly will never again