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123Real inner silence is real peace

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 18, 2002
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      Stopping seeking alone is not going to end your
      suffering. The inner Chatterer must be silenced for
      Understanding to bring you peace.<br>From the Non-Duality
      Digest:<br>JAN SULTAN<br> The absence of self<br><br>[This is
      not a 'teaching'. These are just my present views -
      they can change anytime.]<br><br>Anthony de Mello said
      [when his disciples complained about the noise created
      by the many visitors],"Silence is not the absence of
      noise;<br>It is the absence of self."<br><br>It is the same
      with suffering in all it's forms; seeking,
      frustration, anger, contempt, impatience, sorrow, anxiety,
      tension, wishing things were <br>different, thinking the
      grass is greener on the other side, if only ... ,
      etc.<br><br>All suffering is gone when there is no
      self.<br><br>And it does not have to be total lack of self. It can
      be achieved in stages. Understanding that you are
      not the self, understanding about your <br>true
      nature. Understanding what is being pointed at, helps
      slowly dissolve the importance of the self. [The
      practice of non-attachment, the practice of neti-neti (I
      am not this, not this, etc.), the self inquiry of
      'who am I', etc. all help in deflating the
      ego]<br><br>When the importance attached to the self diminishes.
      Suffering in all its forms also diminishes. I don't know
      about enlightenment but this diminished self has helped
      me in many ways:<br><br>"What is" - is much more
      readily acceptable.<br>Most of the time "all nows are the
      same". i.e. it makes no difference if I am stuck in a
      traffic jam, or relaxing in a Jacuzzi.Noisy kids, strange
      noises, threatening situations or individuals, lack of
      enlightenment, etc. hardly affect me.<br>'Peace of mind' is
      rarely disturbed.Despite outside turmoil the heart is
      hardly ever touched.<br>[Unlike in the past there was
      many a times some unease, some anger, some resentment,
      some self-pity, the feeling that something was lacking
      and general uneasiness and low level anxiety.]<br>Now
      all negative emotions only skim the surface. If there
      is any resentment, anger or frustration, it affects
      only the mind and is gone in a few seconds. The heart
      remains undisturbed.<br><br>So if you want my opinion,
      forget about seeking some 'extraordinary enlightenment'.
      Just relax - "in the now". Accept - "what is". And try
      to <br>understand deep down who you really are.
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