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12298Re: No Thoughts Are Brilliant

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  • gryan@gac.edu
    Dec 17, 2003
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      i've felt this way before, sometimes when meditating, other times
      when smoking weed (which i think i quit, i never did it a whole lot,
      very infrequently and only a handful of times). But i did almost go
      really deep where my head was like a vessel and thoughts from
      infinity above and infinity below flew threw. I didn't have the
      courage i felt to keep that channel open.

      I think, how many hear have read robert anton wilson's prometheus
      rising 8 circuits model? Also how many here have studied bandler? i
      think what you're talking about is some kind of access to a higher
      circuit of intelligence or brain.


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, medit8ionsociety
      <no_reply@y...> wrote:
      > Sitting in meditation and witnessing your body, emotions, thoughts,
      > whatever, eventually realization of a moment between the thoughts
      > occurs. When in the thoughts, you are either drawn toward or going
      > away from the objects of your thoughts. All the chasing after or
      > running away from these things leads to an infinity of discomforting
      > mind chatter. The space between your thoughts is where brilliance is
      > found. Brilliance as in light, and brilliance as in wisdom. The
      > brilliance between thoughts is the experience of the infinite peace
      > transcendent of thought. The wise attend to the brilliance and live
      > happily ever after.
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