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  • Tony
    Oct 11, 2002
      Thanks Bob,

      Can I add a few points:

      Keeping a journal helps to you to sustain a regular meditation practice.
      The act of writing stimulates your mind to a deeper understanding of what
      you are writing - many new insights arise.
      Posting a journal here develops a deeper connection between us as members of
      this group - When I read Eve's journals I feel a deepening connection on a
      spiritual level.
      When you read someone's journal entry, it can trigger an insight during your
      own meditation.

      Some suggestions:

      Use any format you wish.
      Include anything of interest to you.
      Feel free to ask questions during your entry.
      Feel free to ask questions on other entries.
      Feel free to comment on any entry.
      Try starting in a very simple way.


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      I just went back and reread many of the meditation journal entries
      that Tony and Eve have shared, and I am amazed at how informative
      they have been. We have been blessed with many posts that share
      techniques, concepts, and great insights, but I think that the
      journals speak to experiences that all meditators can relate to in a
      special way that lets us all know that we're not the only ones going
      through the changes that come with meditation. Thanks to both of you,
      and I hope that you will continue, and that some other inner travelers
      will come forward with their own adventures.
      Peace and blessings,

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