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  • bardsley@clix.pt
    Oct 8, 2002
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      Hi folks,

      New to the group and saying 'Hi' to all. I've just taken up meditation again having practised TM for a while many years ago and without much conviction. Am currently chanting Om for ten minutes and doing fifteen/twenty minutes of mantra or inner light mediatation after that, twice a day. I often find my chanting interrupted by copious yawning (!), and find myself falling asleep (but not yawning) during meditation, or immediately after, even if I'm not apparently tired, having had a good night's sleep. I also find myself experiencing an ache/knottedness/tingling on the right side of the base of my neck and a feeling of lopsidsedness to the right during meditation. I've recently given up smoking and drinking so I dare say I have a fair amount of toxin processing to do and I think these phenomena may well be to do with that, but I'd appreciate anyone else's thoughts.

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