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11955Re: Keeping a Spiritual Journal

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  • devianandi
    Dec 8, 2003
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      > > devi: that's awesome! because i was just thinking of doing the
      > > activity..not because of self-inquiry though..it is becuase i
      > to
      > > make myself more perfect...which tony is this...from harshaji
      > > satsang? hmmm..i would add a recording of the nights dreams...
      > Yep, just as I suspected, it is a tool
      > to make oneself more perfect, not
      > a tool make oneself more one with oneself...
      > curmudgeonly,
      > Nina

      hi, i just spent the last two days and 800 dollars on a new
      computer..i meant to reply to you days ago but didn't get a chance
      till now.

      nina my love and inspiration,

      tell me, whats the difference that you see between making oneself
      more perfect and making onseself more one with oneself?

      do you think that if you are one with yourself that you don't have
      any room for a more perfect living?

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