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11886Re: Keeping a Spiritual Journal

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  • Andy
    Dec 5, 2003
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      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Swami-G"
      <manjusrilotus@y...> wrote:

      Hi Swami-G ~

      SG: while one is within duality there is a starting point ....

      *****Other than at the moment of death (and thereafter), when is one
      not within duality?

      not even Sri Ramana was actualized as a child ...... it took an
      event........ a point in duality where the mind was transcended
      .... the illusion broken ...... until that time one is within
      duality and uses whatever is at hand to come to that point where the
      duality falls away .....

      *****Are you suggesting that post-awakening one is no longer "in"
      duality, no longer functioning in duality, that for one who is awake,
      duality no longer exists?

      this advaita view and perception about there are no levels of
      consciousness may only be spoken by one that is beyond the
      levels..... beyond the trap of mind and mental comings and
      goings......... until that time Yes there appears to be
      levels .....

      you can go around in denial of it using advaita speak and that
      is what it is simply denial which is not liberating at all.........

      *****OK. Denial is not liberating. Then...what is liberating? Is
      liberation an understanding that is caused? If so, by what?

      there comes a point where the duality dissolves into Advaita but
      that is not as yet the norm for the whole of mankind ....... until
      that time a journal is advantageous as a mooring to see what
      patterns have been occurring thus bringing a point that may be
      contemplated and broken through ......

      *****Certainly this may be so...for some. Just as meditation may
      contribute to the surfacing of the understanding that nothing was
      ever needed, that it was the search itself which kept the "game"
      going. However, there are no prescriptions which are appropriate for
      all. Each apparent entity will be guided to do what it needs to do,
      whether that is journaling, meditating, praying, chanting,
      psychotherapy ... it's all being taken quite good care of.

      this comes by witnessing ....... then by a spontaneous Self Enquiry
      or Neti Neti which then takes over to cut the knots of
      illusion...... but this arises in a deep spontaneous manner and not
      by self as a limitational practice .....

      Next there will be the advaita speak of we are already that -----
      there is nothing to do ----- there is nowhere to go ......
      etc.etc...... that is true for the liberated One but not for those
      that are still within the mundane mental cognition and drama.........

      *****Actually, it is true for all, although all may not realize it as
      such. (Reminds me of the old EST aphorism: "The truth believed is a

      for them a journey is still in place which ends in it was always
      right here ---- right now ----- ...... it is the great
      paradox .......

      *****Yes. It is a one-sided coin.

      ~ andy
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