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11816Re: [Meditation Society of America] apperception? Sandeep

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  • texasbg2000
    Dec 1, 2003
      > At the same time, Bobby,...........it would be the same
      Consciousness which would have manifested itself as an object or
      objects which would appear to be the epitome of "himsa" and keep
      crushing ants by the hundreds.
      > I am one with all things
      > in beauty, in ugliness
      > for whatsoever is, there I am
      > Not only in virtue
      > but in sin too I am a partner:
      > and not only heaven but hell too is mine.
      > Buddha, Jesus, Lao tzu-
      > it is easy to be their heir
      > But Genghis, Taimur and Hitler?
      > They are also within me!
      > no, not half- I AM THE WHOLE
      > Whatsoever's is man's, is mine-
      > flowers and thorns
      > darkness as well as light
      > And if nectar is mine, whose is poison?

      This is interesting to me on a personal basis right now. I have
      come to see those actions of mine that I do not like, those thoughts
      or memories that indicate weakness or mean spirited tendencies are
      aspects of my psyche.

      I once thought of them as weaknesses or things that happen
      occasionally but are not really me. But they are as much really me
      as the thoughtful caring person that I prefer to dwell on. It is
      more healthy to think of these traits as part of me than to think
      that I am something different from them and that sometimes I "fall
      off the wagon" and do something out of character. That is denial.

      Bobby G.
      No, Karta is gone.
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