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11782Dealing with 'others'.......

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Nov 30, 2003

      Sandeep wrote in a dialogue with Charles:

      "we will deal with 'others' after we deal with the self  :-)"

      The deeper I have gotten into
      my own limiting beliefs and stories--
      (thoughts "about" the way things are,
      rather than simply what IS, the way they really are)
      the less I worry about what 'others'  are doing.

      It seems like when I drop a story line
      about what concerns me about 'them', or
      what I think they are doing wrong,
      I cannot see any faults with 'them'!

      I wouldn't even call it 'accepting' them
      the way they are, because there is nothing
      to accept.    It is more about
      the fact that it becomes so
      obvious that every reaction of mine illicits
      exactly the response that it solicits.
      And so, it really does becomes like there is no 'them'--
      just parts of one big "I".......