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11755What To Renounce

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Nov 29 8:03 AM
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      Mere outward giving up of things is nothing. It is not real
      renunciation. Real tyaga or sanyas (renunciation) consists in
      absolute renunciation of all vasanas (tendencies) and the destruction
      of the heart-knot of ignorance, the chit-jada-granthi (confusion
      between the conscious subject and inert object).

      What is to be renounced is the bheda buddhi (divisive intellect)
      which says, "I am superior to that man." "I am the body." And the
      kartrtva abhimana which thinks, "I am the doer." There is no use in
      your renouncing your home, wife and children. You must destroy moha
      (attachment) for the body, children, money, house, property - then
      you will get that state of immortality from which you will never

      He who has merely withdrawn himself from worldly possessions, cannot
      be regarded as having renounced the world altogether; but he who is
      living in actual contact with the world, finds out its faults. He who
      is freed from every passion and whose soul depends on nothing may be
      said to have truly renounced the world. Read the story of Raja
      Sikhidhwaja and Queen Chudala in the Yoga Vasishta.

      The spirit cometh and goeth. Therefore you will have to be careful
      always in nourishing and protecting your spiritual samskaras
      (impressions) with burning vairagya (dispassion), intense and
      constant sadhana (practice) and burning mumukshutva (desire for
      liberation). Increase your good samskaras. Develop them. Multiply

      People do not want to remove mala (impurity) by selfless service and
      vikshepa (restlessness of mind) with upasana (devotion). They think
      that bhakti and service are nothing. They at once jump to open the
      kundalini and raise the brahmakara vritti (the feeling of Brahmin is
      the all). They will only break down their legs.

      Serve and worship; jnana and yoga will come by themĀ­selves,
      kundalini will be awakened by itself.

      Sri Swami Sivananda
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