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11745Re: [Meditation Society of America] Pleaz read, something to try.

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  • Terry Wall
    Nov 28, 2003
      Lucid dreaming is certainly possible by much easier methods than the one you propose. The real question is, what is the point? If dreams are the voice of the unconscious trying to get through to us, this is just another ploy to push that energy back underground. Better to spend the energy honoring the symbols and their messages.
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      Sent: Friday, November 28, 2003 11:21 AM
      Subject: [Meditation Society of America] Pleaz read, something to try.

      OK, this is just something I want some1 els to try, to see if the
      same evect comes to play to either sides.

      The heading is controlable dreams.

      Strange but true, many a month a am able to get myself kind of
      conciense in my dreams where I am totaly able to control and bend the
      dream and also remember the dream very clearly. The starnger thing is
      the posture that my body is in when I wake up. When I wake from this
      type of dreams (wich is whenever I deside) I am lying on my back with
      my arms crossed behind my head, and sometimes one of my legs crosses
      over the other. And my body is mildly streched out ans lastly BOTH MY
      ARMS ARE TOTALY NUM, due to blood deprevation or what ever you call
      it from being crossed behind my head. When I gain conciousness (which
      is totaly crystal clear) in the dream, I can only sence the stuff
      (Gravity Sences and so forth) inside the dream, not the stuff in
      reallity. Now the other thing, when I deside to wake up (or being
      awaken by something, and mostly I can feel in my dreams my brain is
      trying to wake me up and sences from the rail world start to unshadow
      them self in my dream) at the moment I am awake I am totally 100 %
      concious, almost like closing your eyes and imagining something and
      then opening your eyes again, not even such a thing as sleep in my
      eyes. Most importantly is that I always wake up from this dreams in
      the body posture as described above, and I do clearly recall dreams
      being a lot longer.

      Will any1 try this out. It takes a bit longer to fall asleep in this
      posture, but I don't believe it will be dificult for a very tierd

      medit8ion, do you have any clue wat might be happening here, I alway
      thought it might be the num arms, but it might also be that all the
      blood that sepose to go to my arms is going elsewhere.

      Some more info:
      My head is alined to the south pole, in the southern himosphere.
      I am blind in the left eye, I was born like that.
      I do have a medical history (and still have) of ADHD.
      I have very large experience in self hipnoses(Deep Thinking).

      State of Mind Now : I dreamed of it last night, now I fear it is
      dreaming about me.

      Ma E-Mail : maximus@...

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