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  • Eglaelin
    Nov 27, 2003
      Greetings and Felicitations,

      The danger in non-attachment comes when it is
      used as an excuse to separate ourselves from
      those around us. I will give you an example from
      my own life.
      I used to share a house with several people.
      Among the renters there was a couple where the
      husband was a Buddhist. One day the woman picked
      up her daughter from pre-school. The little girls
      genitals were red and irritated. We decided to
      take her to the doctor. Before we left we called
      the husband and told him what was going on. His
      reply was I will see you after meditation class.
      The hospital reported that the girl had been
      molested. We called the husband again. The same
      reply was given. When he finally showed up he
      said he needed meditation class so that he would
      not be attached to his daughters condition. He
      used non-attachment to hide from what was going

      The present was his daughter was in the hospital
      after being molested. He retreated from the Now
      and hid in his non-attachment. Was knowing
      himself more important that the circumstances of
      the Now? What was more important his
      self-knowledge or the suffering of his daughter?
      This is the danger of simply existing without any
      --- William von Zangenberg <bvgeek@...>
      > I agree Andy, non attachment allows one to
      > become the silent observer and only then can
      > you realize what is actually going on inside.
      > Know thy self at this level becomes more
      > meaningful. Now I understand more what that
      > means. I think that we must live in the now and
      > not get caught in the past or future that the
      > mind produces. Past and future only exist in
      > the mind. Too many of us dwell in either past
      > or future and miss the important place...the
      > Now! That is the only place that exisits in the
      > relm of relativity and the only place one can
      > find true peace.
      > Andy <endofthedream@...> wrote:

      > I think there can be a real danger in too much
      > non-attachment. In other words do not become
      > too attached to your non-attachment.
      > What danger do you see in this? What is it
      > that is in danger?
      > Hugs! ~
      > andy

      Peace On Your Path,

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