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11719[Meditation Society of America] Re: Dealing With Life Meditations

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  • Andy
    Nov 26, 2003
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      Hello Eglaelin ~

      Why accept anger, hate, rage, fear and the
      multitude of negative emotions. Is not the goal

      You have a goal.  I don't.  I am content to let what arises arise, knowing that nothing persists.

      to fill yourself with feelings of love,
      compassion and caring and empty yourself of
      feelings of fear and anger?

      There is no me to be filled.  There is just the coming and going of thoughts, feelings, sensations, feelings, wants, desires, cravings ... whatever.  Attempting to empty one's self of these is like trying to catch the wind.

      Should we not be moved by the suffering of another?

      It's not a matter of "should."  If one is moved by another's suffering, then one is moved.  And action may follow.  That action may ease (or eradicate) the suffering or it may not. 

      Should we simply look at the feelings these situations bring about without doing 'anything' about them.

      Again, it is not a matter of "should."  I am in no way telling you what you "should" do.  I am sharing what happens here.  That is all.

      I have found that whatever one resists, persists.  In the act of resisting (and wanting to make rage, or anger, or fear go away is a resisting), the emotion is given "validation," and becomes more entrenched. 

      Instead, of expending energy to make the rage, fear or anger disappear, one may simply be with "what is."  In watching, exploring, perhaps even examining the unexplored assumptions that underlie the emotion, the emotion is defused of its power.  And it quickly evaporates.

      I seek to void myself of those emotions that do not lead to harmonious interaction with myself and the world around me.

      Here the emotions come and go, the pleasant and the unpleasant.  There is a total indifference to their being present.  Joy at the sunrise.  Annoyance at the ache in my back.  Humor at an amusing event.  Anger at the mistreatment of somebody.  Fear of dying.  These emotion-thoughts are all grist for the mill.  They don't stick; they don't stay.  And yet, underneath all of them...there is peace. 

      I think there can be a real danger in too much non-attachment. In other words do not become too attached to your non-attachment.

      What danger do you see in this?  What is it that is in danger?

      Hugs! ~


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