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11600Re: Naked Invitation/Devi

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  • devianandi
    Nov 5 4:01 PM
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      > > devi: i have no idea what to say to you....except, i expressed
      > myself and you expressed yourself,,you got offended at what i
      > said and i got creepy feeling that jp invited strange woman me
      > included into a sexually oriented group grope..enjoy
      > yourself...smiles
      > SG: that is an imagination and coloring .....

      devi: oh, like knowing what you were doing over in the other group
      was imagination and coloring?
      > there was only an invitation to a new group..... yes there is
      > sexual overtone ....
      > but nothing was said about a come and get a group grope .......
      > that is reading between the lines and only stems from a run
      > away imagination.......

      devi: i think your being naive
      > let's try and see it without a coloring ..... there was an
      > posted to a group .... we don't have to chase after it nor fight
      > ..... let it remain for those who wish to follow that avenue.......

      devi: like i said, if you enjoy that sort of thing go for it, it
      still grosses me out and i would never stay in it...how much you
      wanna bet that porn will be introduced at some point...? say 10
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