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11598Re: Naked Invitation/Devi II

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  • Gene Poole
    Nov 5, 2003
      >devianandi <no_reply@y...> wrote:

      >>(in reply to Gene, who said:)
      > >
      > > There you 'go' again, Devi.
      > devi: there she goes...

      > > On what basis do you make such condemnations?
      > devi: personal preference

      Do you prefer to condemn?

      That... is a big 'problem'.

      > > Are you the 'standard' by which we should all live?
      > devi: your taking my words much to seriously,

      If they are not to be taken seriously,
      why emit them?

      Is not your call, to condemn JP's sex talk group,
      to be taken seriously? Or do you issue such
      judgments casually?

      > and gene, i would never
      > in a million years tell you that you should use me as a standard...

      Strange... because as a reader of this list,
      you already did tell me just that... and I am
      here to tell you, that I not only disagree with
      your judgment/condemnation, but that I also
      warn you of a potentially fatal flaw in your
      handling of yourself... how you gate your own
      energies, in reaction to what you observe, or
      think that you observe...

      > > Something you do not know, but which I will now
      > > tell you: There are no standards.
      > devi: i think your right, but i don't believe you walk the talk, if
      > you did, we wouldn't be having this conversation

      'We' are having this conversation, because I care to
      do so... how about you?

      > > There Is No Law
      > devi: right back atcha

      I detect lack of understanding of what I said...

      > > All of that is purely human invention;
      > devi: what is not human invention

      What invented humans, is not a human

      > and you
      > > continually reveal yourself to be slave to the
      > > invention of humans.... no different than 'addiction'
      > > to anything else...
      > devi: if i were to ever give you an indepth look into the life of
      > what has been me i imagine that you might have a different view...

      Still, a slave to circumstances... such as the
      emission of condemnations... and on a regular,
      predictable basis, as well...

      > > Do you really think yourself better, than the one
      > > who made you, and gave you sexuality, and
      > > (heaven forbid!) genitals?
      > devi: gene, is that *enlightenement*? ..to think that there is a
      > someone else who made me?

      Not 'someone' in the sense you seem to imply, Devi

      > > It is all about choice, Devi... not 'law'.
      > >
      > >
      > > ==Gene Poole==
      > devi: like i quoted in another group today,,,from baba hari dass...we
      > are like goats tied to a fence with a long rope...

      Can you exist, without the constraint of the rope?

      > so, you want to have a contest...see who can talk about genitals the
      > best and the longest?

      That is not the topic here. Elsewhere, it is the topic...

      Meditation on the 'blank screen' of empty awareness itself,
      will resolve for you, the issues we are discussing...

      ==Gene Poole==
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