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11583Re: Nekkid Instigation/Political entry

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  • freyjartist@aol.com
    Nov 5, 2003
      > I have become so used to navigating among a group of people
      > who are entirely frank about the body, the gore, the pain,
      > the parts, the inputs and outputs. It is always something
      > of a shock to find myself ostracized when I carry that
      > frankness into distant polite companies... such as at the
      > shower, when I made the 'mistake' of mentioning the color
      > of poison ivy scabs (green) and wound up silencing a roomful
      > of people who stared in offense.>>

      Um,  did you have a secret laugh from seeing their reactions,
      their faces?   

      I took a newly baptized born-again christian
      friend to see the Matt Damon/Ben Affleck film "Dogma"
      with George Carlin as the bishop developing a new
      public relations plan for JC.  Lots of delicious irreverence
      towards religion, spirituality, attitudes about sex, but also
      posing a lot of things
      to take a good, honest look at.

      She was a mess ("blasphemy! blasphemy!  they're all going
      to hell, and I will too, if I stay and watch this!")
      and I thought to myself,
      now, did you just take her to this movie
      to see her squirm?   LOL

      Well, no, actually.   I am innocent, I tell you!
      I suggested it because I had
      known her to have a very open mind,
      especially about sex.  As I mentioned, this
      born-again christian phase was relatively new.
      I was surprised at how offended
      she was,  and I did find it kind of funny.
      She got so worked up and had to leave the movie.
      And after I paid good money to see it.....



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