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11582Re: Nekkid Instigation/Political entry

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  • Nina
    Nov 4, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Gene Poole"
      <gene_poole@q...> wrote:
      > > Feel free to add your own multiple choice answers.
      > OK...
      > After I broke out of the Matrix,
      > I saw, with astonishing clarity,
      > that the entire point of 'taboo'
      > in society, is simply and purely
      > CONTROL.
      > One primary means of control, is
      > the threat of being ostracized
      > socially... of being banished, of
      > being seen as 'not as good as she
      > should be'... it is this threat, which
      > is so full of fear, which keeps people
      > in their boxes... with boundaries defined
      > thousands of years ago, and enforced by
      > pain, burning at the stake, torture, and death.
      > A taboo may be meaningless in reality, but
      > those who violate them, are red-flagged as
      > deviants; and those who wish to take a stand
      > 'on the moral high ground' will speak and act
      > against taboo-breakers... the punishment is not
      > only inevitable, but mandatory as well...

      Hmm... devi-ants...

      > We are seeing here, in this example, the nakedly
      > political nature of the popularity/power contests
      > which these lists are rife with. The one who speaks
      > out first and loudest against 'deviation' is the one who
      > is trying to attain the topmost position in this little society.

      Hmm... devi-ation...

      Could this be the universe calling out to devi to
      fulfill the promise of her spiritual name? Yep,
      just another instance of 'you buy your ticket,
      you take your chances...'

      > Nonetheless, we can expect that the 'enforcers' (agents!)
      > which appear among us, at the drop of a cue, will continue
      > to enact their robotic scripts of disapproval, punishment
      > and execution of 'deviants'. The gossip-train never stops!
      > > Seems that, when it comes to expounding on nonduality,
      > > that every other topic is fair game...
      > > donuts, incense, photography, painting, hiking,
      > > dogs and other animals, martial arts, physics,
      > > psychology, yoga/meditation, love and loss, gender,
      > > wisdom at the Waffle House, gardening, the creative
      > > process from poetry to parenting, metaphor after metaphor,
      > > on and on...
      > >
      > > So, why not sex?
      > Right. Of course. But what is sex???

      Only another metaphor...

      > > Would you cut one square from the quilt,
      > > calling it inappropriate?
      > >
      > > It seems, that inappropriate is merely...
      > > what you make it.
      > >
      > > It is interesting to note the areas of one's life
      > > that one distinguishes as being 'not appropriate'...
      > > why are these areas not appropriate, and in what context?
      > >
      > > It reminds me of a baby shower I attended a week or so ago,
      > > to honor my husband's brother and our sister-in-law, and
      > > the imminent coming of their child. This shower was held
      > > in one of the bastions of Southern propriety. It was
      > > fabulous entertainment to see what aspects of childbirth
      > > and rearing that group of folks chose to view and veil.
      > >
      > > I have become so used to navigating among a group of people
      > > who are entirely frank about the body, the gore, the pain,
      > > the parts, the inputs and outputs. It is always something
      > > of a shock to find myself ostracized when I carry that
      > > frankness into distant polite companies... such as at the
      > > shower, when I made the 'mistake' of mentioning the color
      > > of poison ivy scabs (green) and wound up silencing a roomful
      > > of people who stared in offense.
      > Heh heh... yet another black mark for Nina!

      I am so covered with black marks, I sometimes
      can't pass for a skinny white girl. Hmph.

      > > It is that way with sex, as well. It is either not mentioned,
      > > or mentioned in veiled ways, through jokes or euphemisms.
      > > What would it look like to have as frank a relationship
      > > with one's sexuality, as one might have with one's personality
      > > tendencies? There is nothing innapropriate to be found, then.
      > True... although, there is bad timing.

      Come again?

      still devi-lishly,
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