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11568music with meditation

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  • Nina
    Nov 4, 2003

      I was wondering if anyone plays
      music during meditation and why...

      There is a local Vipassana meditation
      class where the teacher plays music
      during the meditation. In the past, it
      has generally been asian-influenced
      etheric music, but last night it was
      Japanese flutes and clapper music
      with definite melodies. I don't understand
      why someone would add 'ambience' to
      a practice that would have found a perfectly
      appropriate accompaniment in the already
      present sounds of crickets, distant traffic,
      rumbly-humming furnace, the high-pitched song
      of the lighting, shiftings and stirrings
      of our colleagues, one's own breathing, pulses,
      and creaking joints.

      Anyway, I wonder if there is some aspect of
      Vipassana meditation that would lead one to
      use music during meditation, some aspect I
      don't know about... anyone know?

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