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11558[Meditation Society of America] Re: The solution to the root problem all spiritual seekers face

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  • texasbg2000
    Nov 2, 2003
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      > > Technically, Self Inquiry is not meditation. But to still the
      > > is the ultimate object of meditation and that is what Self
      > > does. The mind is illusion because the mind does not exist
      > > the existence of the thought that the mind exists.
      > Yes
      > Similarly enlightenment, self-realization, Awakening, etc
      > > With the stilling
      > > of the thoughts, the mind is seen to be an illusion and the
      > > discrimination between Self and not-Self (illusion) is ongoing.
      > Bobby, this was not clear for moi.
      > Would you kindly expand, clarify?
      > The discrimination is ongoing?
      > A prevailing sense of discrimination, would it not be the very mind
      at work?
      > When not a trace of discrimination, or distinction.........
      prevails,...........where is the mind or thoughts to be stilled?

      Hi Sandeep:

      We touched on this before in a previous discussion if you will
      remember. I see discrimination between self and not-self as
      consciousness itself. You see it as a function of mind.

      For my side, discrimination between what is real or illusion (the
      mind) can not be illusion.

      But then I take a very practical view of the issue. I see the naming
      and other mental abilities as the creators of the duality of the
      world and the "I". Once that world of names is stilled there is no
      more world. And the "I" that was in it is left with simple
      beingness and completion, no desires.

      It is a very normal happenstance and I dont subscribe to the idea of
      all the lights and bells going off in Samadhi (for everyone at least).

      I would appreciate some discussion on your take on this.

      Bobby G.
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