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1154Friday Night's Class at MCCC

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 28, 2002
      Last nights class was a very upfull one. We discussed Neti-Neti,
      Moha, the 7 levels of consciousness/humanity, being well balanced,
      awareness of physical, emotional, and mental reactivity, the 3 types
      of actions, the Witness, and other concepts. Several techniques were
      shared by doing, including Dual Body Part Awareness (2 versions), and
      Letting Go Of Guilt and Forgiving. Several nuances of meditation were
      also demonstrated such as breath awareness, advantageous posture,
      quieting the mind, emotions, and body to prepare for meditation. We
      also found time to laugh a lot as we told and discussed Nasrudin
      stories. Of course, being Eagles fans, we also shared our joy about
      their last two great games. All in all, the 30+ participants seemed
      to enjoy the experience, and higher powers allowing, we will do it
      again in 2 weeks. Our Monday night opening class for the Haverford
      Adult School is still in doubt due to the teacher's strike. A few
      years ago, the night school did stay open, as this was OK with the
      teachers union, but I don't know if this will be the case. If you
      intend to attend, please contact me on Monday for more info. Now
      here's something you would have never heard me say when I was of
      school age - I hope to see you in school soon!
      Peace and blessings,