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  • carolina112900
    Oct 30, 2003
      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@yahoogroups.com, "Jim Clark"
      <jclark310@c...> wrote:
      > Hello group,

      Hello Jim,

      I enjoyed reading your introduction
      and glad you shared some of your

      > As your newest addition to this society, I don't know much about
      you, but
      > just in case it is appropriate that I introduce myself I shall
      attempt to do
      > so.
      > I was born in 1948, grew up in Oklahoma City, a fairly regular
      attendee of a
      > Southern Baptist Church until I went away to college at the
      University of
      > Texas at Austin as a Math Major. My attendance was made possible
      via an
      > NROTC scholarship; thus, after graduating I served my obligatory
      sentence as
      > a Naval Officer, including two tours in Viet Nam. During that
      period I
      > became a fan of the writings of a various mystics, most especially
      > Watts. I spent my last tour in San Diego where I broadened my
      interests to
      > other writers, including Lawrence LeShan, Jane Roberts, Edgar Cayce,
      > Ouspenski, etc. I attended as many lectures and classes on psychic
      > phenomenon and similar topics as I could; I also took up Yoga,
      studied as
      > many religions, philosophies, and practiced as many exercises as my
      > mind could endure. I have had enough psychic experiences to know
      that they
      > are genuine, and believe strongly in the value of meditation.

      Can you talk more about your knowledge that
      psychic experiences are genuine. Do you
      think that they mean anything other than
      what the basic human senses provide?

      What do you feel is the value of meditation?

      > I am currently a Senior Software Engineer living alone in Los
      > California.
      > I have attempted through the years to be self-critical so as to
      > steady, balanced, growth, yet have succeeded in experiencing my
      share of
      > madness and "folly". I continue to strive for enough stability to be
      > meaningful, without losing the ability to explore interesting new

      > Tolerance of everyone else's point of view is the means by which I
      assure my
      > continued ability to piss virtually everyone off.

      That is interesting how you put that.
      And is a good discussion starter...tolerance.
      Can you say more about how you piss everyone
      off as a result of your tolerance?
      How do you know they are pissed off?
      It is always interesting to me how we
      interpret other's reactions.

      > My favorite quote is by the Mathematician and Philosopher Alfred
      > Whitehead:
      > "The Universe is vast. Nothing is more curious than the self-
      > dogmatism with which mankind at each period of its history
      cherishes the
      > delusion of the finality of existing modes of knowledge. Skeptics
      > believers are alike. At this moment scientists and skeptics are the
      > dogmatists. Advance in detail is admitted; fundamental novelty is
      > This dogmatic common sense is the death of philosophic adventure.
      > Universe is vast."

      I would love to hear more about why this
      is your favorite quote....what does it mean
      to you?

      Thank you and welcome, Jim



      > I look forward to hearing from those of you willing to share your
      ideas and
      > experiences.
      > Jim
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