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  • devianandi
    Oct 29 9:19 AM
      > Northern Cal sounds great. I was off to visit Oregon Four years
      > when I was halted by the beauty of Moab Utah and then Wyoming and
      > then New Mexico. so years later I still have that to do.
      > Do You think those paintings of the west would go over there where
      > you are? I still have them all, I never sell anything.
      > Bobby G.



      this is one of the more prestigous galleries around here.maybe take a
      look and see if you compare..some of your landscapes seem *generic*,
      in other words they look like they could be california
      scenerey...thats a good thing...theres a lady named camille that
      studied for five years with your teacher henshe...why haven't you
      sold your paintings? when you paint, do you paint with the
      thought ..what will the public buy?....i noticed that you have one
      painiting, is it a mission,?,,it looked very good but i couldn't get
      it enlarged,,theres a woman here gail salituri who makes a fortune
      selling paintings of missions....are your paintings framed? do you
      have any 9x12s?
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