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  • José Perez
    Sep 27, 2002
      That seems to be my experience. Everytime I meditate, I become
      reaware of who I am and who I want to be. It strengthens my persona
      and I feel good about it. Therefore, I can easily deal with
      negative energies much better. Its been really helpful for getting
      me through all of the problems going on around me like layoffs,
      taxes, traffic, terrorist attacks...


      --- In meditationsocietyofamerica@y..., "Tony" <tosime@b...> wrote:
      > As posted by Nels in a Power Of Now site:
      > Sue from Norway sent me this awhile back.
      > When you're at peace, you radiate a different kind of energy than
      > when you're stressed or depressed. The more peaceful you become,
      > easier you can deflect the negative energies of those you
      > this is like having an invisible shield around you that nothing can
      > penetrate unless it's at a higher spiritual energy than your
      > A hostile current is greeted with a smile and inner knowing that
      > is not your stuff. A person who attempts to bring you into their
      > misery cannot succeed without your agreement. Your meditation
      > practice keeps you immune.
      > Not only can you deflect the negativity of those around you, but
      > sense of peace will bring others into harmony with you. Studies
      > been done to measure the serotonin levels of those in the vicinity
      > of meditators. Amazingly, just being in the energy field of those
      > meditate raises the serotonin levels of the observers. These
      > implications are startling. the more you achieve peacefulness
      > meditation, the more your peaceful state impacts those around you.
      > I find that my meditating not only calms me, but has a soothing
      > affect on my family and those around me....
      > Does anyone have any information on these studies? Does this
      reflect your
      > personal experience?
      > ...Tony
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