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11516a new surprise

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  • devianandi
    Oct 26, 2003
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      Yesterday I had a surprise of my life.

      I was inspired to call an old girlfriend of mine that I hadn't spoken
      to in years. She's a really good jazz musician and I'm looking for
      some people to make a cd with…she's also got a photographic memory
      and can debate on the topics of yoga and vedanta with the best of
      them…anyway..in the course of the conversation yogishanti's name came
      up….yogishanti is an older yogi from india who comes to the usa
      occasionally to spread the words of peace…so, I was surprised that
      razzy, my friend, knew and was friends with yogishanti because
      yogishanti was a friend of samadhi and omsatnams…. once even they
      asked if he could stay overnite at my house, I had to declined, my
      house is so messy…well, anyway,as I started to tell her that my
      friends samadi and omsatnam had just become swamis in some lineage of
      shankaras, my call waiting began to click, so I said hold on, I have
      another call.

      Chitra: hello
      Caller: hello, is this devi
      Chitra: (completely confused) who?
      Caller: is this devi, this is ( I couldn't understand the person at
      that point)
      Chitra: who? Who are you calling (the woman sounded indian)
      Caller: this is swamiji
      Chitra: (more confused) huh, who
      Caller: swamiji
      Chitra: swamiji, swamiji who?
      Caller: how many swamis do you know
      Chitra: (hmmm? How many swamies DO I know) ummmmmm
      Caller: this is swamiji, ganga
      Chitra: what? (it took me a second) oh my god, its you, swamiji,
      gangak, I can't believe this, this is so great..hold on a minute

      Well, I said goodby to razzy and came back to swamiji, I was so
      excited, so happy, it was amazing..oh my god

      Swamiji and I must have spoken for 45 minutes, compared to her I felt
      like I sounded like a roaring lion. Her voice was so sweet, so
      gentle, so soft and regular and down-to earth. She was just chatting
      away like we were old friends…very comfortable with each other..She
      called to wish me a happy Divalli..(sp?)

      I have always like gangak, swamiji, and have always appreciated her
      unique way of writing but now my heart opened more towards her, I was
      filled with love through the whole conversation and afterwards for
      quite awhile..

      I wish you all could have this opportunity to know her better,
      I can see her now in a whole different light….the gentle swami!

      (i was confused because no one calls me at home and askes for devi..)
      ok,good evening
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