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  • Jason Fishman
    Oct 24, 2003


      Sg:    are you serious ?   say what she Needs to say ?   you don't
      seem to realize she is speaking out of a concocted delusional
      fantasy of being some victim ........    

      I don't disagree nor could I. Victims are victims. For you to say it's a delusional perspective, seems rather delusional. It's very valid to her in her scope of understanding.

      NO by addressing this  i am not giving her every reason to
      continue......   and your saying this is only justifying her

      I'm not sure why I would do such a thing, I don't even have a reason to justify my own actions. By adressing this, you have created a continuity to the saga, reacting in superior way, only breeds more superiority. You may break karta yet!

        Sure let her trash me all over the net.....   let her vent ....   sorry
      but this has been going on upwards of a year...... i have sat back
      and sat back and sat back .....  enough is enough ...... it is one
      thing to have an opinion and another thing to be making these
      types of sick rants.......     

      Why is enough enough? What do you have to make justifiable? Isn't this a sick rant? For sure, words on the net are not going to harm anyone and I highly doubt she will be comming over to cook you for dinner. I tend to think that if your attempting to bring less suffering to those folks, then putting up barriers of whats acceptable isn't going to work, nor has it ever.

           in being a teacher of lost souls part of teaching is to show
      them they need to be responsible for their actions.....    it doesn't
      mean sitting back and letting people walk all over you and being
      expected to kiss their butts while they do it ........  (excuse the
      language please) 

      You seem to be a lost soul yourself. No one here is really participating directly with this back and forth behavior and it certainly shows others a pretty valuable lesson.  

           don't confuse compassion and love with being a whipping

      Perhaps your confused about being a whipping person (maybe I am, I accept it as such if so). Compassion and love are truly unconditional, otherwise it's just acceptance, putting up conditions makes one a whipped person. I will love you and accept your point of view unconditional, I will cater to your posts, praise you for your wisdom and be there for you whenever possible. I will also be honest about what I see and tell you if I feel I do not agree, I have nothing to prove in doing so.

      i am not going to be her whipping boy any longer ......    
      got it .......    continuing to be the focus of her projections isn't in
      the category of being a good teacher ...... neither is it healthy for

      Yes, I understand. It's certainly ok to not be her whipping boy any longer. A good teacher doesn't need to teach, the lesson is apparent, the student walks away with the feeling of thier own accomplishment, not what was drilled into them to believe. This is part of who we (humans) are.

      rather than seeing me as the source of all her angst she should
      be looking at the real source where it began and it didn't begin by
      being banned from my sites......    

      I don't disagree. Her angst isn't with another, it's within her. You throwing her off your site is fine, but it doesn't appear to be teaching anything, nor has it in the past, it just appears foolish and selfish.

        i offered freindship it was thrown in my face......  
        i ignored and it only fueled her nonsense and makes her feel
      justified and empowered in the wrong manner.... your
      justifications of her actions in making these types of posts isn't
      going to get her to stop and get the help she needs ........      now
      it is time to do tough love .......      if you can't understand that then
      so be it......

      Hmmm, offering friendship at this point isn't going to change the history you two have, as you both seem to be based on that history. Perhaps if you would just be her friend and not offer it, it would be more accepted.

        i apologize for having to air this here .....  

      Bob may or may not agree this is part of a valuable lesson. If not I appologize also.

        i would like to see her get the help that she needs .....   one way
      or the other .......    

      Only karta can help karta, you can only be an inspiration for that sort of helping.

      my question to those who help her to play the victim don't you
      see that this is not helping her at all but simply fueling the fires of
      her delusions.........  whatever problem you have with guru's in the
      first place and justifying her actions, because i am a teacher and
      should overlook it  ------  don't.......   you aren't helping her .....

      I don't have a problem with guru's, I don't have a problem with you or with karta. I express this as I see it progress, as a simplized form of angst and suffering, and I'm not attempting to help either of you out of it.

      Thanks for expressing these thought with me, they are very valuable indeed!

      Peace and Love

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