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1132Nasrudin - ego

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  • Tony
    Sep 23, 2002
      How was my first Nasrudin joke?

      I based it on the post on Mirroring I sent last week. I developed the joke
      during my meditation this morning.
      I hope everyone gets the joke. The point is that when the Doctor was
      addressing Nasrudin's real self, it was the ego that replied. In fact, in
      the whole conversation, the ego was the one talking!

      I sense that constructing Nasrudin jokes can be not only fun but also an
      approach to spiritual knowledge and development. Does anyone have any
      thoughts on this?


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      "Doctor, you have to help me, I am so confused" said Nasrudin to his
      Psychiatrist as Nasrudin lay on the couch.
      "What seems to be the problem" said the psychiatrist.
      "Well Doctor, I have done so much work mirroring my ego I can't tell which
      is the real me anymore", explained Nasrudin.
      "That should be easy", said the Doctor. "Look at this mirror and answer my
      Nasrudin looked into the mirror.

      "OK Nasrudin" said the Doctor. "I am addressing your real self. Look in the
      mirror and tell me who you see".
      "I see my real self" said Nasrudin.
      "OK Nasrudin" said the Doctor. "I am now addressing your ego. Look in the
      mirror and tell me who you see".
      "I see my ego" said Nasrudin.

      "Very good Nasrudin, has this cleared the problem?"
      "Well, almost" said Nasrudin. "There is still one thing I need to do"
      "What is that" said the Doctor.
      "Give my real self a haircut!".

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