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1122Nasrudins sense of humor

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Sep 21, 2002
      "Tony" <tosime@l...> wrote:
      > I hope my sense of humor is getting across!
      > Recall the Sensa-humor joke? Maybe Nasrudin has a
      version for us.
      > ...Tony

      Well it seems that Nasrudin the well known Mullah was
      once asked his
      favorite joke.
      "Friends please do no not ask me to retell it. I
      laugh so much that I
      have never been able to get to the punch line - so
      even I don't know
      the complete joke."

      "Nasrudin what is funny?"
      "When I laugh at your suffering that is funny."
      "When you laugh at mine it is not."