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111Question about weight loss

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  • medit8ionsociety
    Jan 11, 2002
      Question from Email:I would like to loose weight.
      Do you have a meditation tape for that? Do you have
      a tape to help me not to want food or at least not
      crave so much?<br>Answer: We don't have any tapes that
      deal with weight loss, but I want to share a few
      things with you. Even though I've been a vegetarian for
      over 37 years, I've been overweight my whole life. So,
      I've walked a mile in your shoes, and know 1st hand
      about the frustrations of trying to lose weight. Long
      ago, I mostly took the attitude that "Thy will be
      done" and accepted that the universe<br>wanted me to be
      as big as I am, or I would be smaller. I still feel
      this is valid. Just 2 days ago, we received a great
      article from Swami Satchidananda that we will be
      excerpting in our newsletter, The Inner Traveler. Here's a
      part that really stood out for me:<br><br>Imagine that
      you have struggled with overeating for some time. You
      have recently resolved that you were going to eat only
      to satisfy your true hunger and that you would stop
      eating after doing so. And this is a problem you have
      really struggled with, because you have a �sweet tooth�
      and tend to overeat with sweets. The mind will make
      so many excuses to do what it wants to do. Anyhow,
      soon after making this resolve, you have eaten an
      enjoyable and satisfying lunch. You are full and now want
      to get up from the table. But suddenly, your sister
      arrives and she brings apple<br>pie to the table. You are
      not hungry anymore, but somehow you convince
      yourself, that just this once, and only because your sister
      baked the pie, you�ll eat a slice. So you eat it, and
      you tell her it�s wonderful and you really did enjoy
      it. So she tells you, �Why not have just one more,
      small piece.� You think to yourself, �Well, that can�t
      do too much harm. Tomorrow, I�ll get back on track.�
      See how the mind tricks us!<br><br>With good mental
      training, you learn how to develop the tools and skills to
      cope in these situations. You would learn that you
      could have<br>told your sister, �What a wonderful and
      sweet thing you did to bring this pie. It looks so
      delicious. I am quite full right now and I
      would<br>appreciate your support in helping me to keep my resolve to
      eat only when I am hungry and only to the point of
      relieving that hunger. So, please allow me to take a piece
      of pie and put it aside for my next meal. So that
      when I am hungry I will really, really be able to
      enjoy this fabulous treat. Thank you so much.� The
      undisciplined mind tries to continually trick us. It is a
      constant fight and struggle. We don't have to fall sick,
      we don't have to feel bad, feel disappointed in
      ourselves, or depressed! That is how you learn to develop
      mastery over the
      mind.<br>__________________________________________________<br><br>So, I am now not eating unless I feel hunger. I had
      long ago realized that I never had the feeling of
      feeling "full". So, I often nibbled to keep myself
      feeling as close to full as possible. I now realize that
      it is actually easy to recognize the feeling of real
      hunger - not just the feeling of not quite full - and
      will only eat then. I have a lot of confidence that
      this is going to work just fine, and if I don't lose
      anything, I know that that's the way it is supposed to be,
      and I won't carry around one ounce of regret or
      anything<br>negative about however much I weigh.
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