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11099Re: unnatural stillness

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    Oct 6, 2003
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      "Swami Ganga-Puri Kaliuttamananda-Giri" <manjusrilotus@y...> wrote:
      > > dear SG
      > >
      > > I read it
      > > but, I unsubed from Sarlo the minute when Devi called you
      > enlightened, just protecting my eyes from all the light you two
      > were emanating there
      > SG: why do you link me with Devi ?
      she really ticks me off with ..
      i have no strings with
      > either of you .........
      I am glad, it puzzles me how I am
      forced to speak about things I would
      rather keep to myself
      > > I had and have no quarrel with you,
      > > I like and respect the work you do.
      > SG: really ? then what is this as written :
      > K: > she belongs to the circus of self- proclaimed deluded ones
      > together with Judi and you

      dear SG, that is exactly the reason
      I unsubed from Sarlo because Devi
      irritates me beyond my endurance,

      please believe me I would never post
      such things, only when I am pushed over
      the top, what the deva succeeds to do
      on a regular bases; now posting from
      her Thuraya samadhi

      and Sarlo thinks, that she is charming

      oh!!!! somebody help!!!!!

      I live in my world, with my value
      system, with my understanding of what
      enlightenment is and wo is and who is
      not, and will not lye about it

      > > and the gap between the *understanding" held by Don and
      > Ganga is as big as between you and me
      > SG: that statement is not showing one ounce of
      > respect .......
      > if you are going to be Transparent it
      > means being honest and Ethical in all respects.......
      > if you say you respect me here and then go to Sarlos
      > and post this type of inflamitory statement that is called
      > being double minded or two faced .......
      > Bible Quote : a Double minded man is unstable in all his
      > ways.......... if you want to get a firm foundation that is
      > unshakable one must use the single eye to see ........
      > K> Devi irritates me with her
      > > *enlightenment* obsession and
      > >
      > > I do respond when they call me
      > > twofaced!!!!
      > SG: so once again WHY are you linking me up with Devi ?
      > Why are you projecting what she says onto me and
      > suddenly then taking up this banner that if she sees
      > value and considers me enlightened then of course
      > that proves i am a fraud ?
      > K: > I did never endorsed your enlightenment
      > > higher than it is
      > SG: there is either Enlightenment in which the conditionings
      > are blown out and Liberation IS ....... or it isn't ...... there aren't
      > degrees of enlightenment ......
      > Like pregnancy it either is or is not

      you said it than, not me <grin>

      ...... you can have degrees of
      > relative knowledge but not Self Realization........
      > K; > I am sure you know that there are various debts to that term
      > SG: there are debts when you slander a swami ( a renunciate
      > dedicated to God ) ...... but we won't get into that here ...... if you
      > are acting in a double minded way ..... if you are doing two
      > separate actions between here and and somewhere else then
      > that is termed twofaced......... it does not mean necessarily as
      > you might be taking it as a treacherous person not to be trusted
      > but simply that you are acting in two separate manners here and
      > there .........
      > > you don't understand me and never did
      > > Karta
      > SG: what is to understand ? let's try this on for size......

      Oh! SG don't ware me down please!
      you always did misinterpreted me

      ALWAYS! lookig through your heavily
      colored glasses which I have nohing
      to do with

      > you are still searching and at present in a very reactive mode

      keep your pseudo analysis to your self
      please, you don't know me what was
      proved over and over how you mis
      understood me in the past also

      and imo your divisions and fixation with
      seekers and searchers and masters and
      gurus is childish

      > ........
      > you want to trust but are afraid to open yourself to it .........
      > you think that being strong is in building up an ego identity
      > (positive affirmation) rather than letting it go and not needing to
      > control anything..........
      > there is a mistrust of anyone with a label such as guru and it is
      > construed as some projection of being better than others ( while
      > that is not the case at all) ........
      > there is a need to keep secure boundaries in place and seeing
      > things in terms of black and white ......
      > while Sant Thakar Singh wears white

      He is a sikh, that is their attire
      accept the radical ones; who have
      hotpink turbans

      > and has a title that
      > is well and good...... if anyone else does then they are a
      > sham...

      no, I never said that your title is
      a sham, never and I adore your initiation
      mystic flame dancing Siva photos

      and wish you the best with your journey

      > My question is what makes it pure for him and you see
      > religious clothes or titles as a sham for others ? is it because
      > he is indian ?
      > if you think that he would come as sit down with you and
      > have a one to one conversation, think again ....... and yet you do
      > not see him as being ego centric and caught in a Guru image
      > ......... while there is this very projection on others.........
      > SG: the following words still stand :
      > ....... i have no ill will towards you
      yes, I always knew, that dear SG
      > as whatever pain you are in
      > is projecting itself in many directions....... i am not your enemy
      > and never have been........
      > Infinite Love bears all things ---- it continues to give ------
      > Infinite Love has no strings - it cares not to bind but only set
      > free that which is bound.........
      > i would celebrate your freedom and
      liberation ......

      peace peace, and please forgive me
      for being alive and being myself

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