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  • Nina
    Oct 6, 2003
      > dear Nina my angel,
      > I was thinking on your post and than
      > I couldn't resist anymore to answer
      > with my 0.02$
      > Since imho you are one of the most
      > enlightened and intelligent person on
      > this forum, if you wish I can call
      > you Swami, or Baba or somethin' like
      > thats gonna change *Realty* lol
      > Truth can not be manipulated
      > what is IS, Timothy Leary
      > spirituality 101
      > anyway, the shakti: one's sex drive,
      > ego, intentions, understanding,
      > ethical values, Consciousness, Awareness
      > soul are all in the eyes of everyone
      > those for the holy tradition o
      > transference through Darshan
      > if a violent, or a mentally disturbed
      > creature looks into an innocent child's
      > eye, the seed of its damage is planted,
      > a gaze does awoke something
      > please take my word for this; entities
      > the essences of others are highly
      > contagious, so to speak
      > even online, let alone with eye-contact!
      > so is the circus created: the action
      > the *reality* by us humans
      > so if you want to sit down in meditation
      > and ONLY!!! deal with your own 'shit'
      > and not add others to it: it is best
      > to stay away from all contacts before meditation
      > I know, for someone as pure and
      > transparent as yourself without any
      > holy, guru, or any kind of ill ego
      > this fact never occurred, because you
      > can share your precious self without
      > an agenda, but with abundance and with
      > Infinite Love always
      > you ARE THAT!
      > love, Karta

      Hello, Karta,

      Thank you for your concern.

      You seem to be speaking of empathy, the
      ability to share what another is experiencing,
      whatever that may be.

      It seems, that empathic understanding can be
      filtered by perception.

      So, where one may see the innocent child
      seeded with violence and mental disturbance,
      another may see the violent and mentally
      disturbed one seeded with innocence.

      At any rate, we may struggle to put up
      barriers to empathy, by removing ourselves
      from the presence of disturbing people,
      but the range of the quantum mind is boundless
      and doesn't discriminate in the ways we might

      I can claim it all as mine: the innocence,
      violence and mental disturbance. I can also
      see through it.

      The story I wrote, on which you have commented,
      revealed only one aspect of that meditation class.
      It was the story of what was happening between
      quiet lengths of infinity, which I didn't mention.

      I'll leave you with a story I came across
      last night:

      (begin excerpt, p. 210, Brain States by Tom Kenyon, M.A.)

      Belief is a powerful filter of perception
      whether it be a perception of an individual
      or of a group. An incident tha occurred on
      one of Magellan's voyages demonstrates this
      point in a dramatic manner. As the explorer
      sailed around the tip of South America, he
      stopped at a place called Tierra del Fuego,
      the southernmost point in the Western Hemisphere.
      Coming ashore he met some local natives who had
      come out to see the strange visitors. What
      transpired is hard to imagine, but the ship's
      historian documented the event.

      As Magellan came ashore, the natives asked him
      how he got there. He pointed out the the full-masted
      sailing ships at anchor off the coast. Incredible
      as it seems, none of the natives could see the
      ships that were clearly visible to Magellan and
      his crew. The natives had never seen anything
      like sailing ships. They did not expect to see
      them, and so they did not see them.

      According to the historian's records, the first
      person to see the ships was the village shaman
      or witch doctor. He said that if they looked out
      to the sea from the corner of their eyes they
      could see something. Finally, everyone in the
      tribe could see the ships.

      Shamans are trained to "see" and work in the
      inner world of reality. My hunch is that through
      years of entering trance states and working in
      his own "inner reality," the shaman's perception
      was more flexible than the other members of his
      tribe. Thus, he was able to see Magellan's ships
      even though they violated the consensus reality
      of his kinsmen.

      (end excerpt)

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