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11054Re: organism and identity / for sg

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  • manjusrilotus
    Oct 1, 2003
      > I can't take these dots...
      > looks like petit mal epilepsy online
      > from here
      > sorry I'll soon blow a fuse
      > love, Karta

      SG: what harm is it doing to you ?

      does it take so little to disturb your peace?
      if so take a deep breath sit back and ask yourself
      honestly Why ?

      This is an potential opening to reach deep and
      contemplate how caught up you are within these
      minor externals that you are allowing to disturb your
      peace .......

      the dots are nothing more than pauses along the
      path ...... they are not there to disturb your peace.....

      perhaps see them simply as reminders to stop and
      smell the roses rather than rushing through the garden
      and savoring the fragrance... in the bible they use the
      term selah after poignant pauses and as a reminder to
      take time to reflect ........

      sometimes you write and misspell words in your haste;
      the outflow here leaves a trail of pauses..... it is simply
      the way it flows and is not done as a consciously placed
      distraction....... do you not think that Love can
      overcome such a small thing ? relaxing into the
      moment rather than holding a ridged concept of how it
      must look would also help, to see it in a different light....

      Infinite Love
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