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11046Re: organism and identity / for maria luisa

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  • manjusrilotus
    Oct 1, 2003
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      N: SG, what would you have me do? There is no
      dream-sharing machine available, as was available to Claire in
      "Until the End of the World". You will have to be satisfied with my
      particular language of expression, even if the apparent logic is
      distasteful to you.

      What a farce it would be for me to express it in any other way
      than what comes naturally. If you were a close friend, someone I
      trusted deeply, I might share more of the herstory of specifics, or
      even be available to lead the way into the experience. However,
      "Nina" (and probably many others on these lists) is more private
      than to broadcast such things, and also sees them as "beside
      the point". If you are interested and looking, you can find it in
      what I write.

      SG: what is it that you fear that you do not express it openly ?
      what causes *privacy* is simply that seed of fear which is not
      willing to be let go of........... in being Transparent one bares
      their all which is Love that gives regardless of the

      isn't it mental holdings and fears that uses the shields of
      privacy and saying that it is "beyond the point " ....... while rather it
      is Exactly the point........

      > > N: Ring around the mulberry bush is what we do here, on
      these lists.

      > > SG: that could be ended ...... it is a choice.........

      N: > You are correct, I could determine to stop posting on
      these lists.

      SG: you could also choose to become fearless and start to
      expand and open the Heart ......
      you could choose to take down the barriers .....

      > > SG: try bringing it from the Heart rather than the sterility
      > > of intellect and intellectual process .........
      N: You are mistaken if you think that my intellect/intellectual
      process is not arising from the heart. How do you think it is, that
      my intellect is inspired?

      SG: mind is not always connected to the heart...... heart
      takes letting go of the mental fears........ the mental field of
      conditionings will seek to keep some barrier and shield .....
      what judges friend or foe ? what lets some in and some not ?
      it is not Heart but mind and fear of rejection or whatever other
      clinging and aversion remains........

      N; > The desert southwest in the USA looks sterile and lifeless
      to those who are used to life being abundantly visible and
      green. Vitality has many expressions.

      SG: so does hiding - walls - and protection ...... Love needs
      not to wear any such face nor any such expression as a covering
      or shield .........

      > to each her own,
      > Nina

      " to each her own" may come from a point of ME reference
      (complete with barriers) rather than opening to the One Heart of
      Being which is a flowering without vanities - fears - or
      trepidations .......... is it possible to let down the walls ? it
      doesn't matter how nice you make the walls - walls are barriers
      which rather than protect usually become a cell of our own

      Infinite Love
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